Terra is a Tigrex who never speaks of her past. Whenever anyone asks about how she is able to speak, she'll shrug it off or say "My past is nono concern of yours." Unlike most Tigrex, she does not like the taste of humans and finds them quite fascinating. She lives with Ziolang Hirasu... ish.


Before "Intelligence"

Terra was having a normal day. Hunting for her food, she came across a strange creature laying on the ground. From the smell, she could tell it wasn't human. Something about this creature terrified her, but she wouldn't run, Tigrex don't run. The creature raised its head, which seemed to be quite an effort, and made a sound. It raised what looked like one of those human things they carry. From this strange human tool, a black glow emenated and then pierced her in what felt like her heart. She blacked out.

After "Intelligence"

Terra awoke to a heavy headache. She looked around, unsure of what had happened. Her eyes fell upon a creature just before it vanished into the trees. A Demon, a wonder how he broke the dimensional fields seperating our worlds? She stopped. Now how do I know that? Confused and in pain, she stood and wandered off, not sure where she was going.

She wander along, unsure of what to do. A stream of information was pouring into her head se never knew she knew. In fact, she couldn't remember anything about why she was asleep in the first place. She continued wandering, never knowing, ever-living.

Several thousand years later, She came upon a creature that seemed familiar. A Demon like the one she saw so many years ago. In fact, the blade on its back looked familiar. The Demon was fighting with some human she had never seen before. He struck a wicked blow to the human's skull, renderring him unconscious. The familiarity she felt from this Demon was overwhelming, so much that she approached him without regard to stealth or caution. The Demon spotted her and immediately lowered into a fighting stance.

"Relax, Demon, I wish to speak in peace." This statement seemed to startle the Demon, but he was unnerved.

"How the heck do you speak Deveros!? How are you talking at all!?"

And thus, Ziolang and Terra met. Terra remains with Ziolang, hoping for the day she regains her lost memory.


Terra has a strange ability yet to be fully explained that seems to make her immune to anything non-physical.

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