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Plantmancy, Invisibility, Animal Speech (Otter and Wolf Only)WereOtter transformation



Leaf is the newest member of the team, constantly being seen as clueless. He had a tough initiation battle with a Cthulhu. He is an avid outdoorsman, and is a pure-hearted jungle boy


Leaf has dirty blonde hair that hangs near the bottom of his neck, which is very messy. He is commonly seen wearing no shirt, but pants that hang to his shins, which are colored Khaki. He has a feather charm tied to his pants. The feather is the feather of a Swallow, the first bird he ever saw. Leaf is also regularly seen with a small Otter resting on his shoulder.

Leaf can also turn into a WereOtter, which looks exactly like an Otter, but can still speak english.



The power which alows Leaf to grow, conjure, or use any given plant. This power was named by Shadow, and used commonly by Leaf.


Leaf also can use the power to turn invisible, allowing him to be heard, but not seen. This power works worst around Jason, because Jason can use animal senses even when he has not shapshifted.

Animal Speech

Leaf can speak Otter and Wolf, but no other species. He generally carries on conversations with his pet otter, which he named Otterkins, when he's bored.

WereOtter Transformation

Whenever Leaf likes to, he can transform into an Otter, allowing him to slip through small spaces and swim very fast.

Natural TalentsEdit

Leaf is naturally talented in the fields of climbing, swimming, and jumping. He can do all of these things quite effortlessly.

Fighting StyleEdit

Leaf prefers to begin the battle shooting arrows from a distance, and then uses his signature move, growing the collusseum into a giant Rainforest.


Leaf has a dragon named Silkwing, who he is closely bonded with. Not bonded as close as he is to his Otter, though.


"CrazE? Really? I'm up here, you know!"- Leaf to CrazE when he chucked a land mine at the tree Leaf was resting in.