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Speed, Hydromancy, Cryomancy, Mind Mastery, The Force

Originally From

Team Ice, an organisation founded by Jude in 8036.

Jude Lumsden is a Lycan psionic, hydromancer and vampire brought back from 8036 by Darkmaster along with his friend Jack. Though technically he could have joined the cult in the current time, he chose not to simply because he didn't think it would become as popular as it is now. Jude fancies himself a god, though in truth he is merely a demigod.


  • Hydromancy: Being the demigod of water specifically, he has control over all parts of the domain of water.
  • Cryomancy: Jude himself is a very powerful Cryomancer, though this isn't the name he uses. His power has earned him the admiration of fellow cultist Kryo.
  • Speed: Though a vampire as well, his only vampire ability seems to be speed. He is capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph.
  • Mind Mastery: Being Psionic by birth, Jude is a master of the mind -- both his and other peoples'.
  • The Force: A rather odd ability he obtained from the FVM. Used to send Giga flying into things.
Jude wikia

Jude in his normal appearance.

Other Notable ThingsEdit

He seems to have trouble controlling his blood lust once in a while, and this has been recorded twice so far, during the inbcident which resulted in his friend Darkmaster becoming a vampire and a seperate incident involving Jason being frozen and bitten in the arm. In this state he is extremely violent, even towards allies, often roughing them up and knocking them out before biting them, which returns him to his normal state of mind.


  • M24: His trusty sniper rifle and his weapon of choice for long-range combat.
  • Pistol (x2): His two pistols are excellent medium-range weapons.
  • Arctic Shard Longsword (x2): These two ice swords were created by Jude for use as melee weapons.


  • Though a demigod and a vampire, he still considers himself mortal.
  • Though not a Dracomancer, he has, on many occasions, either helped Jason resist other Dracomancers or even forced other Dracomancers out of the minds of Dragons.
  • Jude is one of the few cultists to have ties to a god, his father, Itius, being the god of water. The other cultists are Kryo (Johion), Flimzy (V) and Shadow (Hollow).