Cult of Ustream

Cult Rank

Member (initiated at the same time as Darkmaster)


Speed, Invisibility, Hyper Mode, Intangibility, Night Vision

Originally From

Team Ice, an organisation founded by Jude in 8036

Jack Evans (b. Kodai Sodrall) is a Lycan martial artist brought back from 8036 by Darkmaster along with his friend Jude to assist the cult on various missions. A stealth expert and hacker by profession, he is also very good with gathering information. He is also a current ally of the Cult. He is half-robotic.


  • Invisibility: Can become completely invisible at will.
  • Hyper Mode: Similar to Darkmaster's Blood Saiyan in that is immensely powerful, but it only activates when he is under any form of extreme stress and only has three stages.
  • Night Vision: Can see in the dark up to 80 feet.
  • Intangibility: A recent addition to his abilities from the Floating Vending Machine, Jack can become intangible at will.

Jack in his normal appearance.

Equipment and other notable thingsEdit

  • Katana: His primary melee weapon besides his fists.
  • Multifunction Watch: This is perhaps his most useful tool, as it contains a myriad of technological equipment like scanners (detailed below), a shuriken gun, controls for his AI components and sensors and communications links.
    • Blue Scanner: The primary scanner, used to analyze materials.
    • Green Scanner: A joke scanner that legitimately detects power level. Will only ever yell "IT'S OVER 9000!!!", though.
    • Yellow Scanner: Copies data from computers to other computers.
    • Orange Scanner: Downloads data to his internal memory.
  • Electronic Components: His assistive AI and sensors fall under this category.
  • Voice and Video Communication: Earpiece linked to his watch via internal wiring along with the watch's built-in camera.


  • His nickname is Shade, but he prefers to not be called that as it associates him with his former employers in 8026, whom he despises greatly.
  • He is incredibly fast, though it isn't a power as much as a natural ability.
  • As of yet he is the only member to have been initiated at the same time as another member, sharing an initiation with Darkmaster due to him taking Jack's shape during his initiation.