Jacen Dale (or Kuro) is the 17 year-old non-cannon character son of

Drake Kuro and creator of Skidoosh experiment 642. Jacen is obviously extremely smart, being able to create a super-human like Skidoosh. Not only that, but he has created a number of other experiments, as Skidoosh is "642".

Jacen not only is smart, but is extremely powerful. He fought off both Lord X-Giga-X and Darkmaster who were both in their Darkus and Blood Saiyan forms. At that time, Jacen had claimed himself to be stronger than his father. The only problem is, no one ever found out for he hasn't returned in a long time.


Like his father, Jacen has short and dark hair, one of the darkest that's seen around. He stands at almost a tall 6 feet, and weighs about 170 pounds, which is average for a 17 year-old. His eyes are unlike his father's, and are bright green. He always seems to be wearing dark clothes, mostly cloaks.

Powers Edit

Not much is known about Jacen's powers, but it has been shown that he is incredibly powerful. He can teleport, use energy rays, and just naturally fight. Added to that is his ability to do anything as long as hit literally puts his mind to it.


Not much is known about Jacen's history, for Skidoosh only revealed that Jacen was Drake's son. Nothing else is known about Jacen, including who is mother is or was.