Hirasu is a key character in Ziolang's history. He is the first of his family, but not a direct relative.

History of HirasuEdit

Hirasu's story was always told to the next weilder of the Dragon Blade. This is that tale.

"Hirasu was the first S-Class Demon. His techniques were nigh on limitless. Using his great talents, he discovered the full properties of the mysterious material known now as Celciatite. Using this knowledge, he forged a sword made completely of this material. He called this blade 'Zhagard' or Dragon's Wrath.

"Hirasu lived in a dimension parallel to Deveron known as Ravozh. This world was the most bloodthirsty of all the Demon Dimensions. In time, the occupants killed eachother beyond repair, killing the means for their oponent to reproduce so their enemies could not grow in ranks. Hirasu, hoping to prevent this madness from spreading to other worlds, took his great blade and killed all within it save his brother, Masuke.

"After accomplishing this task, he cut a hole in the dimensional barrier, allowing him and his brother access to Deveron. However, Ravozh had itself retained the violent nature of its old inhabitants and creeped through the cut, attempting to consume this new world. Hirasu, realizing his mistake, locked this dimension within his blade, but it would not hold. Ravogh was leaking out, slowly ripping the blade apart from the inside out.

"In desperation, Hirasu sought after a well known Seeker Demon known as Shaidras. He pleaded of this Demon to find something that could with-hold the world within his blade. She pointed out three options. A race that was now extinct, a Mage Lord and a humble dragon sub-species, the Tigrex. The Tigrex were within Hirasu's abilities to reach and immediately traveled to a world the occupants called "Earth".

"He emerged in this world and went hunting. All the while, Ravozh leaked out, sapping the life from Hirasu slowly. Eventually, he could go no farther and collapsed. Days past, but he had not the energy to stand. After a time he knew not what past, a tiger-like creature with wings on it's arms was standing above him. Assuming this was the creature he sought, he raised his head and slowly drew his blade. He pointed this blade at the Tigrex and Ravozh shot into its heart. The creature collapsed and Hirasu began to regain strength, at least enough to use his little amount to travel back to Deveron.

"When he returned, his brother Masuke found him and offered help. Hirasu simply handed Zhagard to him and limped away. Never to be seen again."