David Shaver, commonly known as Copper, is one of the younger Cult members and Jason's younger brother.

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Shorter and slightly stockier than his brother, David has mid-length dirty-blond hair and pale blue eyes. He wears whatever happens to be in his closet, be it a pair of jeans and a T-shirt or sweatpants and a jacket. He usually seems to have a smirk on his face, as if planning a prank. All of his animal forms are light brown with sky-blue luminous eyes.


David has a rather laid-back yet cocky attitude about pretty much everything. He loves to prank Jase, as well as everyone else. He can often be described as immature, but also can show flashes of wisdom on occasion. Despite the pranks he pulls, he is very loyal to his brother.




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Fighting StyleEdit



David is less skilled in shapeshifting than his brother, Jason. His forms tend to be smaller than his human form, such as fox, ferret, lizard, and falcon. David has no feral forms, unlike his brother.

Manipulation of States of MatterEdit

David has the ability to force an object to change between the three states of matter- solid, liquid, or gas. This includes himself, and he is able to retain awareness when changing to a liquid or gaseous form.


Befitting of one of his famous quotes, "zomg rain", David has the ability to make it rain at will.

Toxic MistEdit

This ability earned him the nickname "Copper Monoxide", the reason that he is also known by the name Copper. David is able to create toxic mist. While he himself is immune to this, his allies are not and so he rarely uses this power unless he's fighting alone.


David does not carry around equipment, with the exception of a bucket, which he carries for no reason whatsoever.

Strengths and ImmunitiesEdit

Weaknesses and FearsEdit