The Cult of Ustream, often shortened to simply CoU or the Cult, is an organization based in Ustream.


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The Cult consists of humanoids, dragons, and other creatures, many with powerful abilities, such as control of various elements, dracomancy, and some rather obscure powers as well. New members must go through an initiation, which can range from ridiculously easy to slightly challenging to intense and rigorous depending on the mood of the member giving the initiation. A common belief in the cult is that if one is not able to defend themselves in a fight that they are supposed to win, there is no way that they would survive life in the cult.

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Goals and IdealsEdit

The Cult is a rather disorganized group with no true goal other than survival. Early in the days of the cult there were missions that they would go on as a group, such as the search for Ustream's Shadow Drakes, however as of late each member seems to simply pursue its own goals. Any group forming to accomplish something is simply the individuals pursuing the same end, which is easier done in numbers.

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  • The Cult of Ustream is the only settlement on Ustream's mainland.