Cult Headquarters is the base of operations of the Cult of Ustream.


Cult HQ is located near Ustream's western coast, near Dragon's Head Peninsula, the Eastern Forest, an entrance to the Hole of Ultimate Doom, and several buildings such as Chamber Castle and the Colosseum. The building itself rests on open grassland, near a lake which is a common hangout spot for members of the cult.

Architecture and LayoutEdit

Cult HQ is a tall, looming building with three aboveground floors and a basement. It's made from an undentifiable type of stone which is overall sturdy, though must be repaired on occassion as it suffers from abuse by the cultists themselves. HQ's builders are unknown at the moment, which bemuses several cultists as it is hard to imagine who would build such a grand estate without using it. However, the cult has made adjustments to the building, including an additional underground floor far under the basement and lead in the walls from a failed attempt to keep out an intruder.

The basement is primarily storage and containment cells, with no windows(as it IS underground) and a single door leading to HQ's first real floor. The basement only has dim lighting and is rarely used except to keep the rare prisoner and Fricai. It is also a common hiding place.

The first floor of HQ includes the main entrance, a door leading to the basement, and a starcase leading to the second floor. Rooms on this floor include a lobby-type meeting room, a music room, the kitchen and dining room, a restroom and showers, and a small library. Also on this floor is a small room known only as the Clown Room, which serves an unknown purpose but is often used as a containment cell. People come and go on this floor and most of the time at least one cultist is on this floor for whatever reason.

The second floor has a staircase leading to the third floor beside the one leading back downstairs. The floor includes a pool, a room containing a portal to Hammerspace, a rec room, a relatively pointless bank-type room(used to keep the hoards of new dragons), and a few storage closets along with a few living quarters. Living quarters take up the whole third floor, however due to the increasing amount of cultists residing at headquarters it was neccessary to convert some rooms on the second floor into bedrooms for the members. The third floor also has a ladder and trapdoor leading to the roof, where some cultists such as Jason and Ziolang like to go for quiet or training.